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Getting Brexit Ready

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Brexit Forum Findings


Third Forum Briefing - 5 December 2018

A briefing summarising the themes discussed at an round-table event which took place on 5 December 2018 on the topic of the Withdrawal Agreement and Civil Society Preparations for Brexit.

Brexit Update - December 2018

November 2018 Thematic Updates on Brexit

A collection of 3-5 minute read updates on Brexit in the following areas: Funding Immigration - Human Rights and EqualityTrade – the Environment - Devolution.

Brexit Update - Withdrawal Agreement - November 2018

Second issue of the Brexit update series focusing on what to expect after the publication of the withdrawal agreement and the outline of the political declaration.

second main forum event briefing - 24 july 2018

Full briefing of the discussions that took place at the second Wales Civil Society Forum on Brexit. A summary of the discussions can also be downloaded here.

Brexit Update - July 2018

First edition of a regular 10-minute-read update briefings. In this one get an update on: Funding and the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, Trade, UK Government White Papers, the Intergovernmental Agreement and what the next steps of Brexit are!

First main forum Event Briefing - 15 May 2018

A briefing summarising the issues discussed at the Wales Civil Society Forum on Brexit's first event on 15 May 2018.

Passage of the Withdrawal Act

A summary of key points as they stand now that the Withdrawal Bill has has passed through the parliamentary process and an overview of the next steps in the Brexit process. 

Devolution and the Intergovernmental Agreement

A brief explainer on the Withdrawal Act's devolution provisions and the intergovernmental agreement between the UK and Welsh Governments.

Brexit Update - 7 may 2018

A recap of the last two week's Brexit developments. The Withdrawal Bill's report stage was concluded with amendments in the Lords on: a meaningful vote, customs union, border arrangements with Ireland, European Agencies, scrutiny over statutory instruments.

Brexit update - 27 April 2018

A recap of the last two week's Brexit developments including: Lords amendments on the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Henry VIIIth powers, conclusion of the intergovernmental agreement between the Welsh and UK governments and on the customs union.